Timmo's Challenge comes to Boston!

Boston Massachuetts

Boston Challenge

Download Full Version for $4.99 - all proceeds will be donated to The One Fund to benefit those most effected by the Boston Marathon tragedy.

Download FREE Version to try out the first two levels of the challenge.

  • Levels: 4
  • Steps: 32
  • Highest Physical Difficulty: 6
  • Highest Mental Diffculty: 7
  • Local Type: City
  • Terrain: City streets and parks
  • Avg. Episode Time: 2 to 3 hours

The Boston Challenge is here!

That's right. Timmo's Challenge has come to Boston! The episode starts at the Prudential Center and then sends you out all over downtown Boston. Boston is a great city for Timmo's Challenge because there are so many great clues to challenge players. Plus it's fairly easy to get all around the city.

You'll visit the Public Garden, Faneuil Hall, and plenty of other historic and recreation sites while solving some of our best clues to date. Your blood will be pumping as you race from location to location. You better be on your A game too when tackling the clues. They are fun and challenging!

They'll be calling you the new Paul Revere if you're able to finish this challenge! Do you have what it takes?

Note: All proceeds from the full version ($4.99) will be donated to The One Fund, a fund set up by the Governor of Massachusetts and the Mayor of Boston to help those effected by the marathon bombings.

Download the full version of the Boston Challenge for $4.99

Download the practice version (2 levels) for FREE

Directions and Parking

If you're not familiar with Boston we'd recommend coming in on the Mass Pike and parking at the Prudential Center. It's easy on-off the highway and it's also the starting location of this episode.

For the most part it is easier to walk from location to location for this episode. However at the end you may want to take a taxi back to your parking location.

Another options is to take the train into the city. We've heard good things about this and it could be cheaper than parking, which can be expensive.

Tips and Suggestions

  •  Be quick, but smart. Don't get yourself hurt because you weren't paying attention.
  • Don't stare at your phone the whole time. You will need to look around and know your surroundings to do well.
  • Think before heading off in a direction. Going the wrong way could cost you valuable time.
  • Read the clue thoroughly. Some times there are important clues in the wording of the clues that can help you tremendously.
  • Be safe. We try to make all of the clues safe and doable. But use your best judgment and skip the clue if it seems unsafe for any reason.
  • Bring a charger with you! Using the GPS on your phone uses battery. So have a plan to keep your phone charged.

The Levels

  1. The Prudential Center
  2. The Parks
  3. Freedom Trail
  4. Charles River
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